We were set the task by one of our key clients of researching tens of thousands of tracks, both pop and classical, whereby the performer line-up of the acts had changed frequently over time.

This information needed to be recorded precisely to enable them to distribute royalties to their members’ accurately.

The task involved documenting and validating the information of all these tracks and acts over a 2 month period.

One of our quality team remarked,

"the project was really rewarding. It felt like I was really contributing to the industry and the lives of my fellow musicians."
The project was completed by our quality and specialism team through investigative research and skills they had gained through their internal music specialism training.

From client feedback the accuracy, time management and professionalism is reflected in that we are now in stage 2 of this project, in the midst of looking at the same brief for a higher quantity of tracks.

From this, it’s clear we understand that data needs are bespoke to each client’s unique requirements.