In the last 4 years, the volume of classical, jazz and foreign language data that our clients have been sending us to process has steadily increased in frequency and size.

Specialist genres require another level of accuracy and know-how from our team as the data is much more complex. For example, classical music can have numerous arrangements of one piece; remix data can have various aspects of copyright ownership.

The issues these specific types of data present is that because there is more metadata, there is often information missing and incomplete. We are experienced and passionate in dealing with these types of data challenges.

As a result of this, there have been many exciting challenges and opportunities for both our colleague’s individual and the Company’s overall growth. In order to process this data, we have advanced classical music metadata training courses to expand colleague know-how.

This enables all our colleagues to handle this specific data in an accurate, timely and efficient manner.

Clients have been immensely impressed with our level of detail and accuracy in processing this particular kind of data, of which there is a rapidly growing international market.